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MT Fluffy Friends – Hedgehog, Fish, Bird, Weasel


Cats will find the Meow Town® Fluffy Friends cat toys irresistible! Made with all-natural cork, feathers, polyfil, bell, and catnip, toys will excite cat’s natural instincts to hunt and provide hours of playful fun and exercise. Unique textures from multiple materials will hold cat’s interest for hours of enjoyment!

  • Unique, multi textured toys
  • All-natural cork, feather, and bell
  • Catnip targets “happy” receptors in the brain
  • Provides hours of play and exercise
  • Helps alleviate boredom
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Size: 4″

Material: Cork, feather, catnip, polyester, metal bell


Weasel, Bird, Fish, Hedgehog